Oriental Beauty Set

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Discover the secret of timeless beauty with our Oriental Beauty Set. Five enchanting products, inspired by the treasures of the Orient, pamper your skin and reveal radiant elegance. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tradition and experience unparalleled care and vitality – a masterpiece of skincare.


Oriental Beauty Set

Take a trip to the Orient and let us introduce you to the exotic beauty secrets of this ancient world with our luxurious cosmetic set. Our set contains a moisturising cleanser, a soothing toner, a nourishing moisturiser and a rejuvenating mask, each made from high-quality ingredients that have been used in the Orient for centuries. Our products are enriched with sandalwood, ginger lily, matcha, cardamom and turmeric to transport you to a world of relaxation, tranquillity and pampering.
Our moisturising cleanser contains a blend of aloe vera, peach kernel oil and sesame oil that work together to cleanse and moisturise your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. The soothing toner contains aloe vera, witch hazel and rose water to leave your skin feeling refreshed and soothed. Our nourishing moisturiser is enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil and calendula extract, which work together to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Finally, our rejuvenating mask contains kaolin, matcha and turmeric to cleanse, detoxify and brighten your skin.
When you use our high-quality cosmetic set, you will notice a visible improvement in your skin's texture, hydration and overall radiance. The exotic fragrances and textures will not only transport you to a world of relaxation and indulgence, but also offer you a truly transformative skincare experience. Indulge in the beauty secrets of the Orient and achieve the youthful, radiant skin you've always wanted with our premium cosmetic set.

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15 ml Longevity Serum 30 ml Soothing Cleanser 100 ml Calming Toner 50 ml Luminosity Cream 50 ml Pore Refining Mask


Our Oriental Beauty Set reveals the secret of timeless beauty and transforms your skin into radiant elegance. The moisturising cleanser, soothing toner, revitalising serum and nourishing cream provide deep nourishment and vitality. The fascinating pore-refining matcha and turmeric mask, which is applied every fortnight, gives your skin new radiance and freshness. Experience the harmonious effect of this set and reveal your natural beauty – a masterpiece of skincare inspired by the treasures of the Orient.


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